Ceylon Heredity

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We are a family organization built with inherited traditions and customs by the generations before us, our history runs up to 1950s where Don Andrew started his career as a baker by establishing bakeries in the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. His vision was to provide his customers with the finest bakery items and short eats, soon he was famous for his food and know to many people as a master baker, then slowly all the families started engaging in the business of bakeries and that was the beginning.

Keeping it to standard

We focus on providing an efficient and reliable service with the the highest dedication to quality and standards to bulk tea and spice importers around the world who prefer to work with superior-quality products 

Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is a tropical island surrounded by sandy beaches, filled with lush green valleys, mystical mountains, and blue waters, dive into the origin of Ceylon Tea and know how it comes to your cuppa!!

Ceylon Spices

Sri Lanka which was known as the spice island was attractive to the Western nations for its spices such as Ceylon Cinnamon, Ceylon Pepper, etc, which are grown in abundance all over this mystic island

Our Brands

Contract packing Facility

Our state-of-the-art contract packaging facility consists of facilities beyond expectations to fulfill client requirements along with all standard certifications 

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