Ceylon Heredity

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About Us

We are a family organization built with inherited traditions and customs by the generations before us

Humble Beginnings

We are a family organization built with inherited traditions and customs by the generations before us, our history runs up to 1950s where Don Andrew started his career as a baker by establishing bakeries in the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. His vision was to provide his customers with the finest bakery items and short eats, soon he was famous for his food and know to many people as a master baker, then slowly all the families started engaging in the business of bakeries and that was the beginning.

With Mr. Andrew’s teachings his children learnt the art of food and ethics of business, he gave them the task of handling food outlets by their own at young ages which eventually led them to gain experience 

By mid-90s families eldest Mr. Don Devinda entered into the tea industry upon his love for Ceylon Tea, after his completion of studies and he got employed under both local and foreign companies where he managed to study the industry from top to bottom and increase his enthusiasm for Ceylon Tea, after 22 years of developing his expertise he wanted to build his own brand for Ceylon Tea and a company to take the name Sri Lanka to the highest with brands that are build within the boundaries of Sri Lanka, his philosophy was to keep things Simple and Amazing

In 2020 together with the support from his family Mr. Don Devinda founded Ceylon Heredity by initiating bulk exports of Ceylon Tea and Spices to many foreign countries

Today after years Ceylon Heredity have developed a vision to innovate, build and create brands within the boundaries of this tropical island and as the first step the first brand was launched for Ceylon Tea as “Dons Tea” as a tribute for his late father Mr. Don Andrew and we devote our operations in building up remarkable products so that we can make a difference in the whole world by sharing the passion, love and kindness we used to share within us

We believe that our efforts and actions will lead everyone into a better tomorrow