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Ceylon Spices

Sri Lanka which is known as the Spice Island was attractive to the Western nations for its spices such as Ceylon cinnamon, Ceylon cloves, Ceylon pepper, Ceylon nutmeg, and Ceylon cardamom which is grown in abundance all over this mystic island

Power Urge over Ceylon Spices 

Sri Lanka, an island known for its exotic spices and flavors, has been a trading hub since the 13th century. This attracted many colonial powers to the region, resulting in nearly 500 years of colonial rule. In the 15th century, global superpowers such as the Portuguese, Dutch, and British fought over trading rights for Ceylon Cinnamon and Ceylon Pepper.

Today, Sri Lanka is the largest producer and exporter of Cinnamon to the global market. The spices of Sri Lanka are highly sought after because of their unique chemical composition, flavor, and aroma notes, formed by the island’s unique terroir. The main spices produced are Cinnamon, Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cardamom, and Mace, with Vanilla and Ginger now also being produced.

Sri Lanka stands as the ninth most important exporter of spices globally. Ceylon Spices are used to season, flavor, and aromatize various cuisines around the world. Ceylon Heredity promises to provide these condiments in superior quality, fragrance, and most importantly, freshness. Their careful guidance in sourcing and efficient packaging ensures that clients receive the best quality possible.

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